Prodipe Pro 800
Prodipe Pro 800

Pro 800, Studiokopfhörer from Prodipe.

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AlanForPresident 29/06/2012

Prodipe Pro 800: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"not good"

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The sound quality of the Prodipe Pro 800 was not very good for me, they highs where too much for my ears and seemed to be over done and gave me a headache. Some of the bass would be ok, but then on some songs it would be very muddy. There was just no way I could continue to mix in them if I was getting a very dirty mix. I like my mixes clean and the Prodipe Pro 800 just couldn’t do the trick for me. I think the only reason that I ended up purchasing them was because they where a decent price and when trying them on in the store then where really comfortable which is big in my decision making in headphones. I need a good pear of phones that not only sound good but that are comfortable since I will be using them for so many different things. I was looking for a pair of headphones that where comfortable and affordable that will be able to be used in a lot of different situations. But I can say these did not sound good at all. I must have over looked the sound quality of them in my search because I was more focused on how they fit on my head and felt. I want a pair of headphones that I can keep on for a long time and wont have to worry about them getting irritating after a few hours. These are comfortable but the quality of sound they produce is awful. You cannot mix your music using these. I really didn’t even want to use them just to listen to my ipod because the quality was that bad. I immediately returned them and got my money back. I don’t recommend any one getting them unless you want to be disappointed with your money spent. You mine as well get a cheap pair of sony’s from wal mart or a local regular chain store.