Valley People Kepex II
Valley People Kepex II

Kepex II, Studio compressor from Valley People.

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moosers 28/03/2009

Valley People Kepex II: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Valley People Audio Kepex II is a single channel compressor, but is usually seen in a rack like the one in the picture with a few other modules, as it is powered by the external casing. The Kepex II is an all analog piece of gear, and the one that I use has a XLR connections that I believe were added later and are not part of the original make up. The Valley Audio Kepex II is not rackable in your traditional sense, as they are too small, but are typically kept in a lunch box style interface.


The configuration of each Valley Audio Kepex II is quite basic, and the parameters are pretty much the same ones you would find on any basic compressor. It has knobs for threshold, attack, ratio, and release. It also has a great meter that makes it easy to zero in on the right level. I don't have a manual for the Valley Audio Kepex II compressor, so I can't speak to how well put together it is, but it is easy to use and if you don't have one you shouldn't need one.


The sound quality of the Valley Audio Kepex II is very good and is suitable for a wide array of instruments. I use it mostly for electric and acoustic guitars and drums, but it is an overall great sounding model and is great for anything you need to compress. It works great on all types of drums, including snare drum, kick drum, and tom tom drums. Dialing in a great tone is easy with the Valley Audio Kepex II and I always try to use it when I can.


I've been using the Valley People Audio Kepex II compressor for about a year and this model has definitely surpassed my expectations. The signal comes in full and vibrant, and its extremely easy to use interfaces makes it quick to get a nice sound. These aren't exactly cheap, but the Valley Audio Kepex II is a high end compressor and is designed for professionals. Overall, a great compressor that should definitely be tried out sometime or another by professional engineers.