Purple Audio mc-77
Purple Audio mc-77

mc-77, Studio compressor from Purple Audio.

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moosers 01/03/2009

Purple Audio mc-77: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Purple Audio MC-77 is a compressor and limiter that is modeled after Universal Audio's 1176 classic compressor. The unit is analog and has XLR connectors in the back. It is a rackable compressor and will take up two rack spaces.


Using the MC-77 is straightforward and is easy to get a great sound out of. You've got two large knobs - one for input and one for output, and then two small knobs that control release and attack. There are then four buttons to choose the ratio of the compression and another set of four buttons to control what the metering is displaying. The layout of the compressor is virtually identical to that of the 1176 except for the buttons for link and insert that the MC-77 has. It is really easy to get a quick good sound from this and has rich sound quality overall. I don't have a manual, but the compressor is easy enough to use that you probably don't need one.


The sound quality of the MC-77 is full and is great for a variety of different applications, including on vocals, guitars, bass guitar, and drums. It is a great all around compressor and is worthy of use on just about anything. I have only used this when mixing, but is fine for using when tracking as well. It is versatile in its use because of the full and effective overall tone it has.


I've been using the Purple Audio MC-77 compressor for about two and a half years and have found it a great overall compressor. It has the look and feel of an 1176, and also shares its top notch sound quality and overall ease of use. While the price is somewhat expensive, it is a high end compressor that is made for professional studios and engineers. I definitely recommend this compressor for anyone interested in high end compressor/limiters.