Focusrite MixMaster
Focusrite MixMaster

MixMaster, Studio compressor from Focusrite.

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moosers 30/03/2009

Focusrite MixMaster: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Focusrite Mix Master is a stereo mastering piece of outboard gear that contains a dynamic processor (stereo spectral compressor), an equalizer, a stereo expander and an output section. It is an analog unit and has XLR connections as well as 1/4 inch. It is a rack mountable unit and will take up two rack space units.


The configuration of the Focusrite Mix Master is pretty varied, but everything is pretty easy to follow and only takes a little bit of use to understand what everything does. I love how many different signal processing sections this has, which is what makes it great for mastering. It is easy to get some good sounds from this, and the capabilities are very wide and range all over the place. I don't have a manual for this, but if you have one I'm sure it would be helpful, as there are a lot of ins and outs to this unit.


The sound quality of the Focusrite Mix Master is very good, although none of the sections really blew me away in terms of tone. All of the sections are useful and there are more parameters for each section on this than I would be able to list. While I have only used this for mastering, I'm sure you could use it during mixing or tracking as it is versatile and has a wide array of capabilities. Overall, the Focusrite Mix Master has a good sound quality that is definitely useful in a number of situations.


I've been using the Focusrite Mix Master for about four years and have found it to be a great option when it comes to mastering with a single piece of outboard gear. You have all the tools you would need in one place, which is extremely convenient and helpful. The price of this unit, like most Focusrite products, is very reasonable, which makes it a viable option for both professionals and home studio owners alike. Overall, a great unit that both sounds good and is extremely easy and convenient to use.