TC Electronic PolyTune - White
TC Electronic PolyTune - White

PolyTune - White, Stimmgerät/Stimmpfeife/Stimmgabel from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

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tjon901 13/01/2012

TC Electronic PolyTune - White: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"Great Tuner if you arent using weird tunings"

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The TC Electronic Polytune is something you do not see every day in the world of tuners. It is something different. The Polytune brings a new level of usability to the act of tuning your guitar. With the Polytune you tell the tuner what tuning you are using. It does E standard all the way down to B standard. Once this is setup you can just strum all the open strings at once and it will tell you which string is out of tune. This is great for gigs when you know something is off you can quickly strum all the strings and it will tell you which one is off. Another great feature for gigging is the auto adjusting brightness level. If you are at a dark gig the pedal automatically makes itself brighter so you can easily read what it is saying. You can use a needle tuner or a strobe tuner if you want ultimate accuracy. It has a thing called Monopoly where it can detect if you are playing 1 string or more than 1 string. If you are playing a single string it goes into single string mode and if you are playing more than one string it shows the set of strings. The pedal is true bypass as well so it will not color your tone when it is in your line. You can power it by a battery or a 9v DC connection like most every other pedal and it is super small so it will not take up much room in your pedal board. If you are still using a simple old tuner in your rig you can do yourself a favor and upgrade to the TC Electronic Polytune. It is pretty much a game changer when it comes to tuners. It can do it all and has more features than you can shake a stick at.