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pdecirce 05/08/2008

Fender PT-10: Produktbewertung von pdecirce (content in English)


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The Fender PT-10 (Pedal Tuner) is a very basic one-button pedal that allows you to mute your signal (or run to effects rack, or both) and get precision tuning. It has a silver metal casing with a wide black plastic on/off switch.

This is used, for example, at the beginning of an effects chain from the guitar, or in another case, running out to a rack effect, or both. While the pedal at first appears sturdy, constant use in a live situation may eventually reveal problems, such as pedal sticking, 9v powering issues and overtone/hum when it's active. This is not really the fault of the pedal for the price however; electric tuners are well-known for dampening the 'true tone' of the guitar, but if you need it, try putting a compressor right after it, this will help harness the kind of sound you need. This pedal seems best when it's not over-abused and has a fresh 9V, or a good chain-power wall wart.

Well, the sound quality in this case is different, as we want to know how it DOESN'T affect our tone. When the amp is cranked, don't be surprised if while tuning you hear a funky 'buzz' or 'overtone; however, it often seems fine in one location and then buzzy in another. Ultimately this means that tuning pedals really are sensitive to a number of factors that can in unison combine and mess around with your tone. Explore a number of different methods as to what works for you; for example a friend uses this in his studio exclusively and operates perfectly.

Overall, use caution if you are a heavy stomper; it's caused me to bend over at a gig and mess with it more than once at a gig, but in the application of gentle or studio use, it's a very non-invasive pedal in comparisons to others in its price range. Also beware as the notes themselves are small and difficult to read sometimes in crazy stage setups.