Zildjian ZHT Splash 10''
Zildjian ZHT Splash 10''

ZHT Splash 10'', Splash from Zildjian in the ZHT series.

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FateFelledVictim 25/09/2008

Zildjian ZHT Splash 10'': Produktbewertung von FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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The ZHT line by Zildjian is one of the most impressive sheet cymbal lines in my opinion. They dominate over the other competitors brands such as the Paiste’s and Sabian’s in tone and durability. I played the ZHT’s along with a few ZBT’s when I first started playing drums, and they stood out of the bunch their clear tone and ring. The splash in particular was my personal favorite for it’s ability to fit in any fill, from metal to jazz. I used the splash for about a year and half when it cracked. I replaced it with an A Custom 10” Splash and this sounded pretty close to it in the mix, but was much cheaper.

The cymbal had been more than all of the ZBT’s, which were newer than the ZHT’s in my set, and the ZHT’s were used more often. Their durability are very good for a sheet cymbal. These are a little bit thinner of a cymbal though, so if you are looking for something to beat on, then you may want to go with the Z Customs or the ZXT’s, as these are significantly more durable. Although these cymbals ar more durable, the ZXT’s sacrifice a little bit of tone for durability.

Overall, these are the queen of the crop when it comes to sheet cymbals, as they have superior tone, durability and sustain. These cymbals also are not that bad while recording, but not as good as the cast series cymbals. These are about the best bet for a new drummer looking for an amazing tone out of his first set of cymbals. If I had the choice, I would definitely start on these again. For the price, these are probably the best sounding starter cymbals out there. If not these, I would go with the Paiste 502’s or the Sabian B8’s, but I prefer these.