Whirlwind EDB1
Whirlwind EDB1

EDB1, Sonstiges Hi-Fi Produkt from Whirlwind.

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JeffTadashi 11/05/2012

Whirlwind EDB1: Produktbewertung von JeffTadashi (content in English)

"A simple, rugged direct box"

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The Whirlwind EDB1 is a single-channel, passive direct box, capable of converting a high impedance, unbalanced signal from a 1/4" connection into a low impedance, balanced signal through an xlr connection, which is commonly used with microphones. The EDB1 also has a pad switch, which can lower the output signal by -20 db and -40 db. This is useful for hot input signals, such as headphone connections, but I find the pad to be too extreme, and I would love to have a -10 db option. Also, the pad switch is a little hard to see, and it is easy to accidentally toggle it during a live show setup, which can cause problems with the house receiving a lower than expected signal level. This passive direct box, like most, also contains a ground/lift switch that can help eliminate feedback hum. All of these features are pretty standard on a passive direct box, but the Whirlwind is an industry standard, and it is very rugged and does it's job. The box that I own is very worn, but it if hefty, and feels very solid. The sound quality is absolutely perfect, there are no artifacts, no hissing, no additional noise, and no loss of clarity.

However, I have had a few problems getting the direct box to work on stage. Twice, I tried using the Whirlwind EDB1 for a quick live show setup, only to find out the box did not seem to work. I was unable to recreate the problem, and I suspect it might've just been a bad cable or an unplugged connection.

Overall, if you need a basic direct box (who doesn't?), and you can find this item cheap, it is worth purchasing. I may have had some odd problems with this box, but I suspect my problems stem from other factors.