George L's .225 (Cable Instrument)
George L's .225 (Cable Instrument)

.225 (Cable Instrument), Sonstiges Gitarrenzubehör from George L's.

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nickname009 29/02/2012

George L's .225 (Cable Instrument): Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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I got one of these cables as a demo. I was very surprised as the size of this thing. It was very thin in diameter. Sort of like what my Macbook’s power adapter wire’s size is. Very uniquely thin. The Jack itself is quite good quality, not gold plated or anything fancy like that but sturdy. I tried it out for a few months didn’t find anything very amazing about these cables. They sort of sound like what they look like, if that makes any sense. I’ll try to explain a bit more, the cable’s thin and the signal itself was quite strong and yes, lacked some low midrange and bass. But the presence was there, definitely. But it wasn’t overly bright. It’s sort of like taking a blanket off a speaker sort of sound. But that is not to say that the sound isn’t good, it’s got plenty of upper midrange and still brings your guitar signal out in front. The cable itself is just so thin I’m afraid it’ll snap in half or something! Also, it still tangles, of course it does. The longer it is, the more tangled up it gets. It’s quite an annoying habit with cables of almost all types. Anyhoo, I used the cable for as long as I did and eventually didn’t have it anymore. I can’t remember if I sold it or if I just gave it away to a friend but I did invest in other cables after. Cables to alter the sound of your guitar quite a bit so investing in some good ones and experimenting with different brands and types is always interesting. I didn’t think too much of these cables unfortunately. Though I did like the pedal kit as it saved a lot of space and was very convenient.