George L's .225 (Cable Instrument)
George L's .225 (Cable Instrument)

.225 (Cable Instrument), Sonstiges Gitarrenzubehör from George L's.

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King Loudness 30/04/2011

George L's .225 (Cable Instrument): Produktbewertung von King Loudness (content in English)

"Worth the extra $$!"

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I've been playing electric guitars for about 12 years now, and for many of them, I simply used whatever cables I had. These varied in quality and stature from mediocre no name brand cables to some reasonable ones by companies like Yorkville and Planet Waves (average price paid for those was about $15-$25 each). I'd read about these boutique cables like George L's in various magazines like Vintage Guitar and Premier Guitar over the years and with that, read the debates that ranged from "These cables aren't worth the $$," to "Best cables I've ever used... my whole rig is now set up with them!" Because of their high price (about $70 for a 15ft cable) I avoided buying one for many years, partially because I didn't see any problems with my "cheaper" cables, plus I can be hard on cables so as a result they don't always last as long as they should...

Fast forward to December 2010. After reading about them for many years, I received one as a Christmas present (15ft version). I was very excited and curious to finally, after all this time, come up with my own answer to the "cheap vs. expensive cable" debate. I unpacked it from the package and was struck by how well it was constructed. The cable material itself is very high quality and seems very durable as well, which was a problem I had with cheaper cables. It has very nice molded ends with stress jacks as well. Given this presentation, I was hoping that the tone matched up. Did it?

In one word, yes. The minute I plugged it in, I was struck at the difference that it made to my tone. It made the most different to my high end frequencies. With my cheaper cables, it was almost like there was some sort of filter cutting into my high end and making it too muddy. That is not the case with the George L's. All of the frequencies cut through clearly and distinctly, but there is not too much of any one frequency either. It made my rig sound clearer and just plain... better. Definitely impressive. I've been using this cable non-stop since December and definitely plan to buy them exclusively in future. They're costly, but definitely worth it.