E Bow E Bow
E Bow E Bow

E Bow, Sonstiges Gitarrenzubehör from E Bow.

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mooseherman 15/04/2009

E Bow E Bow: Produktbewertung von mooseherman (content in English)


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The E bow Plus is one of the coolest devices I've used on a guitar. You place the device on top of the string you want to sustain, and hold the E Bow over the string close to the pickup you have selected. The E Bow automatically sustains the string infinitely, or until you remove the E Bow. Move closer or farther from the selected pickup to adjust dynamics. There are two settings, Normal and Feedback. The normal setting just sustains the note you are fretting, and the feedback setting makes it LOUD and feeds back a lot, highlighting the loud overtones. Both settings are great in certain situations.

While it takes some time to get used to, it's a really easy device to use. Eventually it's a piece of cake. There's not much in the way of explanation or manual reading. As with all new playing techniques, it takes some practice. It also is difficult to switch between the E Bow and a pick, but it can be done if preparations are made and one puts some practice into it.

The effect is like no other I've encountered. No sustain pedal can achieve this sound. I use it with guitar, which as far as I know is the only instrument it's used on. I like the normal setting better than the feedback one generally, although if you're into Liars or Sonic Youth and love drones, you'll be all about the feedback setting. They both have their time and place. At first the tendency for most players is to lean on it a lot, and put it really close to the pickups. This makes it really loud and can damage the amplifier you are using if done improperly. Make sure you ease into it when you use it and you should not have a problem.

This is a useful item that I personally didn't think I would ever need until I got one, and I've used it in many of the bands I've played in since. There's nothing else like it and it's definitely a cool ambient effect that's otherwise difficult to achieve on the guitar. I don't think there are any other models out there so there's no real opportunity to purchase a cheap knockoff. It seems pricey but it's worth it. I'd definitely recommend it to anybody.