E Bow E Bow
E Bow E Bow

E Bow, Sonstiges Gitarrenzubehör from E Bow.

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soccerplayer25 25/03/2008

E Bow E Bow: Produktbewertung von soccerplayer25 (content in English)


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The E Bow plus is an extremely unique effect. You hold it up the LED light on a string where you would normally pick, and it sustains whatever note you are holding down on the frets. It has two modes - one for playing pitched sounds and one for feedback sounds. There are no connections, you simply just hold it up by the strings. It is an analog effect and is really unlike any other I have heard.

While it easy to get some sound out of it, it takes some time to switch strings quickly and to get a consistent sound from it. I had to look at the manual to see the techniques involved with it and it took a bit of time to get used to.

The work I put into figuring out the best techniques with the E Bow definitely paid off. Its a hard sound to describe, but it definitely sounds like you are using a bow and is great for sustaining notes and making a drone sort of sound. The feedback mode is also great for when you need to create some realistic feedback. I've only used it on guitar, but I imagine it would work with any stringed instrument that has a pickup.

I've had the E Bow for about six months. I took a chance on it and it paid off - I now have a really unique sounding effect that I use all the time for simple lead guitar parts. There aren't any models out there like this that I am aware about. While it maybe a bit pricey for the average guitar player, if you are interested in expanding your pallet of sounds, this is a great piece of equipment.