Dunlop Pickholder
Dunlop Pickholder

Pickholder, Sonstiges Gitarrenzubehör from Dunlop.

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nickname009 30/01/2012

Dunlop Pickholder: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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During my first few years of guitar playing, acoustic or electric, i was a masher. All I did was strum hard, I thought that was the only way to do it right and make the damn thing heard and sound good. As a result of also not knowing the right picks to use, I dropped a lot of picks while playing. So of course on one of my frequent trips to my local guitar store I picked up one of these, a very simple design and I've seen so many other players with similar things or concepts stuck on their guitar. A simple plastic triangle with double sided tape and a spring-like mechanism to have the pickups keep popping out when you need to grab one. I thought it was useful and I thought it looked kinda cool too, well, not to the audience, but to me and like-minded musicians. How often did I end up using it? Once or twice, tops. Why? Cause it doesn't work? No, it works quite well, it did get jammed the last time I tried using it but otherwise it functions quite well. I just somehow forgot about the fact that I dropped picks and eventually stopped dropping'em also. After a while the double sided tape's potency started wearing out and it became nothing but another pick holder to put in my guitar case. It was cheap, was worth it but I didn't end up using it. But I can see how useful it would be, if only I ended up using it a bit more!