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Waves Doppler
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peepsaudio 15/09/2008

Waves Doppler: Produktbewertung von peepsaudio (content in English)


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Doppler installed without any problems. You just have to register it with waves, follow the simple installation which is very fast, and make sure that your host software adds this into its VST registry. Then you should be all set to start using it. The configuration is very simple and the controls are intuitive. The manual does a great job explaining the functions and the theory behind how this nice plug-in works.


I am running a Dell desktop computer that has Windows XP on it. It has a dual core processor and 4GB of ram. My host software is Nuendo. I have no problems running Doppler in VST format with my Nuendo system, it has always worked perfectly. This plug-in uses very little CPU resources, probably less than 1%. I worked on a project with lots of motion and things whirring around in it, and I used probably about 15 instances of Doppler. All of them combined used only about 5% of my CPU overhead, so this is a very efficient software. It is very stable, it has not crashed.


I've been using this software for over 3 years. I mostly end up using it for soundtracks to video, but I have used it successfully in music many times as well for special effects that can sound really neat. Obviously the best thing about Doppler is the degree of control you get. You can get very specific about the degree to which you can hear the doppler effect, such as different speeds from coming and going, different pan positions, and distance positions. And above all, it sounds very realistic! I haven't tried doppler plug-ins by other manufacturers, but I haven't needed to because I have been very satisfied with this one. Great value! I would get it again.