Tone2 Gladiator
Tone2 Gladiator
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AlanForPresident 01/08/2012

Tone2 Gladiator: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Uses alot of effects, and CPU!"

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Tone 2 Gladiator was giving me a lot of problems, and I couldn’t figure out whey it was. Every time I was use Tone 2 Gladiator there was like a glitch every time that I would press play to play back the sequence that I just recorded. It could be having some issues with another plug in in Cubase, but I am not sure. So I started using it in Fl Studio and didn’t have a single problem wit it there. Tone 2 Gladiator is amazing and there are so many options that you have to manipulated the sounds. The interface of Tone 2 Gladiator is amazing, it might be one of my favorite out of any VST that I have purchased.


Tone 2 Gladiator was very easy to install, and out side of the problem I was having with it in Cubase I have not had another problem yet. I have used Tone 2 Gladiator in so many of my projects, it could be the most used VST that I have owned. Probably cant open up a session without seeing an instance of Tone 2 gladiator running, I have been using it for 1 year, I am not sure when it came out though.


My favorite thing about Tone 2 Gladiator are the sounds, the quality of the presets are really good. But its like a catch 22 because the sounds have so many effects already put on them. Each preset has so many effects on them there is no wonder why it can slow down a system and eat all the CPU. But you will need for these effects to be there in order for the sound to be good, if you take off the effects you will be left with a boring synth. It is easy to get the sound you want, all you have to do is start messing with the knobs, it will provide some neat stuff. But most of it really isn’t in real time, there is a slight delay. I have probably used every singe preset that it has to offer and was able to go online and download some new preset packs from other Tone 2 Gladiator users. There might not be another VST that can put out sounds like the Tone 2 Gladiator.