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BeyondR 28/07/2012

reFX Nexus 2: Produktbewertung von BeyondR (content in English)


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Nexus 2 is of the new ROMpler on the market that is a completely revolution regarding sounds and quality.
It has plenty of hq sounds provided with the nexus itself.
You can really jamm into something professional by tweaking the menu, the general setup is relatively easy and fast,a ll the typical functions are easily accessible and the best thing about nexus that you can find something really nice very fast without going crazy like you do with a typical synth.


The software works great, it's made by a great company named ReFx, it has a nice stability, so you don't have to be afraid that it will crush and you will loose your settings that you tweaked.
The performances are pretty good, it has 762 build-in factory presets and they are well organized in the menu to find exactly what you are searching for. I've been using this ROMpler for a while now,and I can say it's one of the greatest concerning it's price.


What I like most about the ReFx Nexus2 are the build-in sounds that you can incorporate in you own tracks, usually you will use nexus2 in a more electronic dance music.
I think it's worth the money, nexus2 costs around 200$ but if you really want to get all the expansion provided by ReFx it will cost around 2000$(ouch).
The quality and precision of the sound is powerful, you can't make a sound from scratch but you can tweak the build in sounds to get something more unusual,you can tweak the vibrato,you can use some portamento(or glide function in other synths) but one of the greatest things in nexus2 are the modulation features.
This is one of the most popular and hq rompler on the market,a nd even if I had some others in the past I stuck with nexus2.

By analyzing the market pretty well, I'm confident that i would make the same choice and I would use nexus2 as an add-on to my library to create something catchy and original.