PropellerHead ReBirth RB-338 2.x
PropellerHead ReBirth RB-338 2.x

ReBirth RB-338 2.x, Sonstiger Virtueller Synthesizer from PropellerHead in the ReBirth series.

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AlanForPresident 01/08/2012

PropellerHead ReBirth RB-338 2.x: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Makes the older TB 303 TR 808 and TR909 new!"

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ReBirth 338 can be used in all Windows platforms as well as for Mac computers. ReBirth claims that it is a mash up of Roland TB 303 and of the TR 808 all in the ReBirth 338 2. Each one of those devices has its own separate pattern picker and it will able you to switch between different sequences fast. The manual was needed for me at first and it was very helpful with getting me started, the only problems I was having was just understand where everything was. The layout and interface of ReBirth 338 was very different to me, there was a small learning curve.


The software runs great, and at a high performance. It is very stable and I have experienced zero crashes or any problems for that matter. I have been using it since 2008 and still use it today. I only use this in Cubase though, I have yet to use it in a different software. There is no particular reason why I only use it in Cubase, that is just my personal preference. Also for some reason Cubase works with external plug ins better than Fl Studio and Ableton to me.


There are a lot of knobs on the interface of ReBirth which I end up using midi and syncing them up with my knobs on my m Audio or Behringer did controller keyboard. This allows me to access all those knobs and sliders right on my hardware device and I have all of them memorized so I wont have to worry about finding what I need. That has been really good for me. The ReBirth 338 brings the TB 303 , TR 808 and the TR 909 to the digital world and more advanced. ReBirth has figured out how to get the sounds out of those machines and clean them up for the digital world. Its like having all those vintage pieces of gear on your computer and at your finger tips.