Native Instruments The Finger
Native Instruments The Finger

The Finger, Sonstiger Virtueller Synthesizer from Native Instruments.

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songboy 27/02/2012

Native Instruments The Finger: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)

"An excellent alternative to Stutter Edit and other DJ style effectors "

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What I like most about this unit is it is very similar to Stutter Edit in regards to actual effects but it doesn't have the issues I have been facing with Stutter Edit. Specifically, the ability to control the plugin from Ableton while it resides in another program. I do this using the IAC midi driver in Mac OSX. The issue is I control everything from Ableton in my live set, but I need the DJ effector to reside in a separate mixing app like Rax 3. I have tried numerous apps like RAX 3, Numerology, and AU Lab (built in mixing app in OSX) but cannot get stutter edit to behave properly. Infact, the only thing I can control is the Filter knob. So, I decided to check this unit out mainly based on my respect for Native Instruments and I was not disappointed. It functions flawlessly across all of my programs. Even though this doesn't effect me as I already own Reaktor 5, I was bothered by the rumor I heard that you are told you can buy this plugin and run it in the free Reaktor player, but even though you paid the same price as I did, you won't get all the features. I bought reaktor for my own reasons, but I don't see the need to spend $400 on reaktor, then another $80 on this plugin to get the full potential of this software. They should fix that. As for the price, if you already own Reaktor, than $80 is not very much to spend for this awesome piece of gear. The sound quality is not effected whatsoever by this plugin, being that it all resides in the digital, binary language and the quality is really determined by your AD/DA conversion which is handled by your sound card. I have used Stutter edit and Turnado for my software DJ effectors. I still use Turnado, but as it stands, I use "the Finger" as a replacement for stutter edit. Because Native Instruments makes excellent software that doesn't fail you when you need it, I highly recommend this software.