Celemony Melodyne
Celemony Melodyne

Melodyne, Sonstiger Sequenzer from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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sacchetta 03/10/2014

Celemony Melodyne: Produktbewertung von sacchetta (content in English)

"Need to fix a vocal track but don't want the robotic sound of auto tune? Go Melodyne"

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Celemony's Melodyne is the best pitch correction tool out there! Help a singer stay in key with this incredibly useful tool. Right down to the syllable, you can edit the pitch of your singers notes with ease. Effortless installation and works with almost every current computer! Buy it online for instant use! No tinkering with your system, install Melodyne and get to work.

-Listed below are features of all versions of Melodyne

-Melodic and percussive algorithms
-Polyphonic algorithms (DNA direct note access only available on editor & full version)
-Pitch, vibrato, pitch drift, formants, volume, timing, attack speed, note separation and time handle tools
-Note assignment, copy/paste/cut, macro features
-Audio to MIDI
-Scale detective, scale correction, multi tracking (full version), quantize audio and transfer melodies between tracks
-Standalone version
-Works as a plug-in (except on full version)
-Works with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase & Nuendo, Live, Sonar, Studio One and Digital Preformer
-30 day free trial


Once installed the software works with your computer right away (on a Mac at least). The standalone version is a nice feature for those who don't have enough computer power to run it as a plug-in on their DAW. With a Macbook Pro i7 8gb of RAM & 7200rpm HD I am getting flawless performance. I know that it also runs like a dream on a duo core iMac. For over 3-4 years I've enjoyed the aid of Melodyne when dealing with troublesome vocal tracks. Once updated you will enjoy a very stable build. I have used it on Mac OS Mavericks and it works like a charm.

A favourite feature of mine has to be audio to MIDI. Although I always haven't had the best results, you can take a vocal track and turn it into a MIDI line. You can then take that midi file and import it into a DAW like Pro Tools, click score editor and BAM, you've got your very own vocal line converted to sheet music. This is a really cool feature and allows you to do other things like assign those midi notes to a synth. Now you've got matching synth for your vocals, and you didn't even need to play it!

I can't comment on using Melodyne as a plug-in. I've always been more comfortable with exporting and working on it in the standalone and then importing back into my DAW. I'm not sure if you run into lots of latency if using it live (or if it can even run live). It may be just used to render within a DAW.


I really liked that the pitch corrected vocals sounded natural. Auto-tune is known for its robotic sound and even used specifically for that in most tracks now days. Melodyne is a great tool to help a singer who has no choice but to use a take that was less than perfect.

The DNA feature is a must have, too bad it's priced so high. I do not currently have this version but I have used it and it is great. Say you've got a great stereo drum mix, but the 2nd tom was at a weird tuning. Import it into Melodyne editor and you can adjust the pitch of the snare without effecting the rest of the track. Got a guitar with a out of tune g-string? No problem, adjust the troublesome notes individually.

When it was first released it was cutting edge. And there aren't many programs that can compete with it even today. I had learned about it from a friend who wasn't at all into music, so the buzz it created reached into other fields. It really does live up to the hype. The warm natural sound of the pitch correction is not noticeable.

Melodyne has been highly accredited, winning a technical Grammy, a TEC award and 2 SOS awards. If that isn't enough to convince you, why not try a free 30 day trial. Now be careful, once you try it you are going to want to buy it!

-Pitch correction
-Pitch drift correction
-Time quantization
-Polyphonic pitch correction (adjust individual notes on something like a guitar)
-Audio to MIDI conversion
-Automatic adjustments
-Useful tool to get your melodies in key and create new melodies based off of old ones

-Only full version has Polyphonic editing
-Audio to MIDI doesn't always work the best