C-Mexx C-Console 01V
C-Mexx C-Console 01V
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dominiondan 02/02/2014

C-Mexx C-Console 01V: Produktbewertung von dominiondan (content in English)

"controlling the o1v"

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this works great only downside is there is never going to be any more updates and set to a resolution which is quite low in todays standards the layout could be better but is quite usable. Getting the software is quite hard but there is a site out there to get it from the original producers c-mexx

i have used it a number of times during a live show because it gives me faster assces to some of the dek operations so i could have 3 diffrent things at one on the controller and visually easier to see than the small monocrome desk screen


very stable never gave me trouble been using for a few months


give it a go but beware the large price tag $249.00