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stompboxjon 12/02/2013

McDSP CHROME TONE: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Many options"

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I originally started with the Demo download of McDSP Chrome Tone from the website to see if I liked it. They let me have a 14 day trial in which I used it just about every single day. I love the layout and interface of Chrome Tone because everything can be done right from the main interface and there are no sub menus or hard to read text. It is one of those plug ins where there are just knobs to turn, and I was even able to MIDI the knobs with my keyboard controller so I had a real hardware like experience.


Installing the plug ins was quick and easy, I loved the distortion plug in because I had full control over how it sounded and it was easy to operate. There was even an EQ section at the bottom of it to tweak out what I didn’t want. I mainly used these plug ins in Pro Tools, they ran smoothly and glitch free.


Chrome Tone was not just another one of those plug ins that have all of the same sounds that most all of its competitors have. There are some really good presets to add to any sound to breathe life into it. I have used some of the Mod effects on all sorts of synths and even piano patches to give them some depth and make them feel real. Most of the standard sounds that come in Production Software Programs need to have effects like the Chrome Tone before the sounds are actually usable because they are very simple, dry and plain.
I would not choose Chrome Tone over Guitar Rig though, but I did end up buying it anyways because it was affordable and it had some presets that I was very fond of at the time. I do not use it a lot anymore but I still have it installed and wouldn’t think twice about purchasing it again if I had to.