iZotope Trash
iZotope Trash

Trash, Software Verstärker-Simulator from iZotope.

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stompboxjon 12/02/2013

iZotope Trash: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Purchase Trash 2 or upgrade"

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iZotope Trash runs smoothly on my Macbook and Laptop. My Macbook is running 10.5 and PC Laptop is running Windows 7. I have heard in the past that there are a lot of people complaining of issues when using with Windows but it has worked fine for me in Ableton Live. Now I am using Trash v2 because I upgraded the original version and it still runs great. The original install of Trash was pretty quick, I downloaded it right online after I completed payment and even the update that I did last year was just as easy and only took a few minutes to get version 2 installed.


Using iZotope Trash is pretty simple but from time to time I did have to go look at the manual just to make sure I didn’t waste a lot of time “trying” to figure stuff out instead of just looking up what I needed to know so I wouldn’t waste a minute. Trash 2 has given me some really good distortions to add to my tracks, I am a distortion junkie and it was one of the main reason I decided to purchase Trash. I was using Guitar Rig for some distortions but Trash works a lot better to me.


It is also very easy to work with distortion and filters/delays in Trash 2 now and with the built in limiter it does a great job from “overdoing” it to my speakers and to me ears. I have found myself using Trash 2 more and more, and now it gets used in every song. Trash has become a key component to my musical creativity and workflow so I make sure that I have it with me on my Macbook everywhere. I do wish there was a way that I could run it remotely or from a USB drive so when I am not working on my Macbook and a studio I can still run it because it is what I am most comfortable with. There are some great distortions in the studio that I go to but I just so comfortable with iZotope Trash/Trash 2 I don’t ever want to use anything else.