iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]
iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]

Vinyl [Freeware], Software Lo-Fi from iZotope.

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Wedges2 02/01/2012

iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]: Produktbewertung von Wedges2 (content in English)

"Great Piece of Software!"

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It's freeware, so it's very easy to install. You give izotope your email address, and then they send it to you. Download it, install it, get to work. Once it's opened up the GUI is pretty straight forward. There are controls for things like dust amount, scratches, and wear. There is also a section in the bottom left where you can choose if the record is warped or not. Unfortunately I've never used this as it is only available in the DX version of the software, not VST.


It's very light on the CPU, had never crashed, has never really been a problem. It's a very light program that will more than likely never give you any problems. I've been using it for over a year and I love it. I use it with FL Studio on a Dell XPS Studio PC running Windows 7. It has six cores and 6 GB of RAM, but even with computers less suited for music Izotope Vinyl still shouldn't give you any problem.


Well it's free so you can't really go wrong. Fortunately it's a great peice of software anyway, which makes it way better. It really has the capability of making normal instruments or recording into old timely pieces from the 20's to even the 70's. It's a very convincing sounds. Sometimes when I want the sampled feel to a beat that isn't sampled I'll add it to some choice instruments. Better yet, I'll even record myself, pitch it up, add some vinyl, and boom. I have the high pitched vocal sample, except it's not a sample. It's a great tool for making drums sounds dusty or old as well. Overall it's a great piece of software that I use all the time. The best part is it is FREE!