Waves S1 Stereo Imager
Waves S1 Stereo Imager
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tarrtime 14/12/2012

Waves S1 Stereo Imager: Produktbewertung von tarrtime (content in English)

"Larger than life drums!"

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Waves S1 is a software effects plug-in to be used in a DAW. All Waves plug-ins can be installed by downloading them off the Waves website. Authorization is completed using a USB stick as a dongle, or using an authorization manager application if your computer connects to the internet.
Waves plug-ins are know for being stable, and rarely have any bugs. The 'S1' plug-in has been around a long time, so you can be sure it works in all popular DAWs.


This plug-in is about as simple as a plug-in can be. There is one main control to change the perceived width of a stereo signal. I don't really have a use for the 'asymmetrical' and 'rotation' controls because I typically want my mix to be symmetrical. I supposed if I use some stereo micing technique, and one mic turned out to be louder than the other, then these controls might come in handy.
In practice, I find it best to just add a little bit of width. Taking it to the extreme might be a unique effect to add every once in a while. But to me, it can be a little to much. Typically, I use the S1 on overhead and room drum tracks. Sometimes I will just throw the S1 on the drum bus. However, this can sometimes pull the snare from the 'center' depending on the mic setup while tracking. This is why I typically use it on the overheads and room mics that where recorded as a stereo pair.


The Waves S1 is great for getting the wide, large, spacious drum sound. I also like to use it when I track a 'wall' of heavy electric guitars. Don't go overboard with this effect, a little goes a long way. Something really cool about this plug-in is the Mid-Side (M-S) processing. This will really enhance any tracks that use the M-S mic technique.
All in all, a simple plug-in with a simple purpose.