Waves OneKnob Filter
Waves OneKnob Filter

OneKnob Filter, Software Filter from Waves in the Oneknob series.

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Adyssey Beats 28/06/2012

Waves OneKnob Filter: Produktbewertung von Adyssey Beats (content in English)

"A good filter but too simple"

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There were no compatibility issues installing any of the other six One Knob plug-ins, One Knob Filter being no different. The general setup of the plug-in, as with the others, is as simple as it gets. One knob sits in the middle of the display. When you raise the knob an aesthetically pleasing purple light indicates the effect's level, also displayed in a number between 0 and 10 in the lower right hand corner. Yet the One Knob Filter differs from the others in that it has an additional parameter besides the one knob: a button in the bottom left corner that toggles the filter's resonance between none, moderate, high, and extreme. Because of it's simplicity I have never felt the need to read the manual, but I can imagine as with the rest of the Waves plug-ins that it would be well-written and helpful.


Running in Ableton Live 8 on my MacBook Pro with a 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM, Waves' One Knob Filter is as smooth as clockwork. Being a fairly light plug-in with regards to CPU usage, it is stable and reliable even in situations with many other effects and VSTs operating simultaneously. That said, I do not use the One Knob series too much. This is for the simple fact that they don't offer enough versatility. There is literally one, and only one way to affect the signal. Although easier for producers who may not want to go through the trouble of learning more complex interfaces for filtering their signal, is it worth the money? The product can either be purchased as a part of the Waves One Knob package deal, or with the Mercury bundle. If you are really dying the try it, get a much better deal by buy the Mercury bundle and getting the entire library of other top-of-the-line plug-ins that comes with it.


Overall I wasn't totally satisfied with the One Knob series by Waves, but there were some viable pros to help balance the cons. The pros: their simplicity, stability, and superior sound quality. Filtering my track's signal with this plug-in couldn't have been easier and sounded really great, perfect for the gradual rises and big sweeps of the electronic music I produce. The cons: lack of versatility in expression, and limited realistic use in a professional production environment. Although there is a One Knob to solve everything, it isn't always the right plug-in to just throw in the mix and crank up, because at the end of the day you don't have the ability to tweak it exactly how you want it. The One Knob Filter, although expressive in its own way, lacks enough flexibility for me to really recommend it as a worthwhile product to invest it, but if you get it as a part of the Mercury bundle I would encourage you to try it out just to know how it sounds. There are certainly great situations where the exact One Knob Filter sound is what you need.