Waves Renaissance Bass
Waves Renaissance Bass

Renaissance Bass, Software Exciter/Enhancer from Waves in the Renaissance series.

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peepsaudio 15/09/2008

Waves Renaissance Bass: Produktbewertung von peepsaudio (content in English)


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I thought this plug-in would be all hype and not particularly useful, but that is definitely not the case. I didn't have any compatibility issues. This installed without any problems as part of the waves Renaissance package. After registering the Ren package you don't really have to do any specific configuration to use this plug-in, just put it in your VST channel and it's ready to go. The manual explains the functions of the plug-in very well, though it leaves out some details of how it works, but that won't affect your ability to use it.


I have a Dell computer that runs Windows XP. It has a dual core processor and 4GB of RAM. I use the Nuendo software host with it. This plug-in works absolutely perfectly on my computer, I have never had a problem with it. This plug does definitely use a slice of your CPU power, so it is usually a good idea to freeze your track after setting this up. On my computer one instance of RBass uses about 5% of my CPU, which is definitely a lot for one plug. This can improve your bottom end so much though, that it is easily worth the CPU cost. The plug is also very stable.


I have had this plug for years now, and I love it. It is really a secret weapon for bass tracks that just aren't heavy enough. I put this on every song I use that has some kind of a bass instrument, and I also like to use it on kick drums and anything else I want to be a bit more bottom heavy. It uses psychoacoustic properties to make the bass fundamentals seem louder than the actually are, so your brain tells you there's more bass than there really is. As an added bonus, you also end up with a bit more headroom for pushing up your master volume with your newly lessened need for massive low frequency content. It is a really great value because of what it can do, but I'm not aware of anything else on the market that can do the same thing. This is a really great software and I highly recommend it.