Waves MaxxBass
Waves MaxxBass

MaxxBass, Software Exciter/Enhancer from Waves in the MaxxBass series.

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Adyssey Beats 26/06/2012

Waves MaxxBass: Produktbewertung von Adyssey Beats (content in English)

"Bass you can really feel"

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Getting Waves MaxxBass up and running was, as with all of the other Waves plug-ins I've used, a piece of cake. There were no compatibility issues and, although I didn't read the manual I can definitely say it's a fairly easy VST to get the hang of. The interface consists of a cut-off frequency fader, an input bass, original bass, and maxx bass fader, and parameters that affect the dynamics and harmonics of the signal. All in all a pretty straight-forward, easy to use plug-in.


Again, as with all of the other Waves plug-ins I've had the pleasure of using, MaxxBass has been a completely stable, reliable addition to my VST library. I'm using a MacBook Pro with a 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM and so far everything has been working like a charm. Of course I don't really automate functions on MaxxBass, which may put more stress on my DAW's CPU usage, so I'm not entirely sure how it performs under more strenuous circumstances. I can say, however, that as a sound shaper for some really punchy, fat bass, this is one of my favorites. It really adds a level to your bass that you can feel, sort of like a 32 or 64 ft. organ pipe would. I have successfully employed its effects in Hip-Hop, DubStep, and House tracks and it has done the job well in each scenario. I've only had this plug-in for a couple months, but I feel like it will be a prominent player in my arsenal for a little while.


Overall Waves MaxxBass is one of the best ways to get a deep thump in your low ends. This is a huge asset seeing as though drowned out bass is a serious problem in mixes - just watch your levels and be conservative because after all, it packs a punch. Very effective and extremely reliable, in the right doses you can't go wrong with MaxxBass.