Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb
Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb

Ratshack Reverb, Software Delay/Echo from Audio Damage.

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songboy 18/01/2010

Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)


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There were no compatibility issues running this plugin in Ableton 8 or Logic 9.  There are only four parameters, "Microphone" (input gain),  "Delay", "Repeat", and "Depth" on this plugin (5 if you include the pointless "Battery Check") so there is no need to reference a manual.  Yes, the configuration is extremely simple, just look at the picture up top. All of the functions are right in front of you so it can't get any more accessible. 


I use this in the earlier mentioned DAW's on a Macbook with 2.2ghz, 4gb Ram and 320 HDD.  It works perfectly fine.  No crashing, no preset loses, signal passes through unscathed.  Well, if you bought this simply as a general reverb option, you will be disappointed.  Its a "Electronic" Reverb simulator that is really a grungy delay unit and its definitely a particular kinda sound.  With that in mind, it performs very well and does what it is intended, providing "cheap," "weak" reverby sounding delay .  That sounds bad but its really not if that is what you need.  I like to throw it on interesting pad sounds, guitar tracks and even vocals for that dirty/crappy delay (80's and early 90's) kinda vibe.   In that context, I give this unit a 9 out of 10.  It loses one point because I would have liked a few more options on it, but I guess the simplicity of the unit is a good thing sometimes.  I have had this plugin for around a year but never really used it much until recently.  I purchased a Roland D5 a few months ago and after recording a few tracks with it, I decided to throw the Ratshack on with it.  They seem to be made for each other.


I can't really say I hate anything about this plugin.  I do wish there were a couple of more options on it, but its supposed to be simple.  I am not 100% sure, but I believe this is a reproduction of a "RadioShack" unit (crappy yet popular electronic store in the states).  With that said, it is what it is.  What I do like about it is the sound itself.  Again, its not a wide ranging, multi use delay or reverb for that matter, its just a dirty little box with a unique sound.  For that reason alone, its cool in my book.  I paid around $35 for it.  The real deal unit is probably not too much more if you find one.  Overall, its worth buying the plugin though.   I have lots of different delay options in my arsenal but, besides my Native Instruments Spektral delay, they are all clean, straight forward delay plugins.  The Ratshack is really on its on pedestal.  Yes, I would definitely make the same choice, its always good to have options and if you are in need of a delay that sounds "bad" in a good way, then this is for you.  I would definitely buy it again.