Native Instruments Komplete 8
Native Instruments Komplete 8

Komplete 8, Computer Music software bundle from Native Instruments in the Komplete series.

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sw80 30/10/2012

Native Instruments Komplete 8: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"A Huge Sound Library"

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The Native Instruments Komplete 8 is a huge collection of samples and sounds. It comes with over 25 virtual instrumentals and the total collection is about 110 GB. The cost of the Native Instruments Komplete 8 bundle is 500 dollars but that is a very good price considering everything that you are getting in this bundle. One of my favorite plug-ins in this bundle is Guitar Rig 5, I have been using Guitar Rig for a long time so I knew what I was going to get when I purchase Native Instruments Komplete 8. Guitar Rig just loads into your mixer tracks or channels and allows you to add a bunch of effects or effect presets to any incoming sound that you want including synths, instruments or even voices. You can use it on individual tracks or on the main master track.
Setting up Native Instruments Komplete 8 was easy, it was not quick though because of the collection of sounds. It takes a while to load up 110 GB into any system. But once you have it loaded up you will have no problem using Native Instruments Komplete 8 or any of the plug-ins that it comes with. I have used the plug –ins with FL Studio, Cubase, Reason and a few other DAW programs.
The synths that come with Native Instruments Komplete 8 are FM8, Massive, Reaktor Prism, Retro Machines MK2, Reaktor Spark and Absynth 5. Depending on what your style of music is will determine how much you use each of these synths because each of them as a unit sound.
One of the best investments you can make if you are looking for new sounds and instruments is to get this bundle. The Native Instruments Komplete 8 will grow your sound library to new heights and everything will work great with almost any system you use it with. It has been a pleasure to have this bundle installed on my computer.