The T.bone EM 1000
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karnickel 13/06/2008

The T.bone EM 1000: Produktbewertung von karnickel (content in English)


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Back-Elektret-Condenser Small Diaphragm suitable for live and recording.


After this microphone fell into my hands, i was really content using it for acoustic guitar and tried to find out more about t.bone. Well, T.Bone is not a manufacturer, they just put their lables on china-stuff, which is ... truly good quality for the price. China improved a lot in the last years - you won't get anything better for a few bucks.

But then still, i like more, if the true manufacturers and model names would be used. This originally is a Takstar PCM 5000 Condenser Microphone. After i found out, i purchased the takstar flagship products cm 60/61, which were not so much more expensive, but turned out to be way better in self noise and frequency response, so i don't use the 1000/5000 very often any more.

I still rate it a 8-9 because of its price - note that there are better microphones out there, but those often cost at least double or triple, so if you are on a short budget, this could be your deal.