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moosers 02/06/2009

Joemeek JM27: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)

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The Joemeek JM27 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that comes from an unlikely source.  Mostly known for their signal processing gear, Joemeek has a small line of microphones with the JM27 being on of them.  The mic has a cardioid polar pattern pick up and picks up signals ranging from 30 Hz to 20 KHz.  It has a pretty sturdy casing and is overall built pretty decently for such a cheap mic.


I first used the Joemeek JM27 only a number of months ago as I was curious to see what a Joemeek microphone would sound like, especially at such a cheap price.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually liked the sound of the JM27 and that it worked well in a number of different situations.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t really a suitable professional’s mic, but for home studio owners looking to get a good deal on a small diaphragm condenser, the JM27 does the trick.  I have used these microphones as drum overheads, as well as for acoustic guitar and I found that they worked pretty well in both situations.  It will also work well with other acoustic stringed instruments like mandolin, as well as for picking up the high signals in acoustic piano.  I can’t say that I would recommend them to anyone other than a home studio owner as the sound quality certainly isn’t up to par with some other professional small diaphragm condensers, but the JM27s will do the trick for budget and smaller studios.  However, if you are looking for top quality tone for drum overheads or another application, I would recommend spending a bit more money to get pair of Rode NT5s as they are pretty great sounding for a good price.  All in all, the Joemeek JM27s are surprisingly a very good deal.