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moosers 09/04/2009

Earthworks TC30: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Earthworks TC30 is a uniquely designed condenser microphone that has an omni polar pick up pattern. This is not only a unique microphone in terms of look and shape, but unique in that it will pick up signals up to 30 KHz and as low as 9 Hz. Most microphones will pick up sound between 20 Hz and 20 KHz because that is the range of human hearing, but the Earthworks TC30 is kind of a high definition microphones because of the wide range of frequencies that it picks up. The slender look of the Earthworks TC 30 is extremely unique and it makes it possible to really 'zoom in' on the sweet spots of certain instruments.


I've been using the Earthworks TC30 condenser mic and I have found it to be a great all purpose mic. This microphone is great for applications of all kinds, but I mostly use it to recording acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, and other acoustic stringed instruments like violin, mandolin, banjo, and cello. I find that since the frequency response on this microphone is so wide, it really picks up all the subtle sounds from these instruments. Everything comes in crisp and clean, and they also are great for picking up drum overheads. The price of these microphones isn't cheap, but if you are a professional looking for an all around great condenser microphone like this, it is probably worth the price. Earthworks has a unique line of microphones, and the Earthworks TC30 is one of their most popular models. I find myself using these microphones a good deal when I want to pick up the most subtle sounds in acoustic instruments. While the price may make it a bit hard for the home studio owner to get, for professionals the Earthworks TC30 is truly a great all purpose condenser mic.