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theaudioandvideoguy 22/03/2012

Behringer B-5: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"on the go mic"

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The Behringer B5 is a condesor mic that I was skeptical about from the start. But after using it on a few instruments and recording in to my laptop pro tools 9 it really proved to be a very nice mic. Actually for the price it might be on of the best ones in the its price range. Behringer hasn’t really stood out to me in the mic department. I havent used a whole lot of mics from them. But this is one of my favorite ones out of the few that I have used.


The mic is very cheap, when I say cheap I mean as in the price of the mic and not the quality. The quality of the mice is great, it wont go out on your and will provide great recording quality for your instruments. I havent used it for vocals yet, not too sure if you are suppose to use it for vocals, but I normal like to try mics out with all types of instrumentals an d vocals just to text how it sounds with different types of wav forms.
You can get this mic in almost any music store around and it will be really cheap, so cheap you wont want to get it because you will be thinking that it wont work for you and it will sound bad. But let me tell you it will sound great and bring a good quality recording to your set up. Take it with you wherever you go. Its very light and if something does happen to it, no need to worry because its not expensive. Plus Behringer themselves will give you a warranty outside of the store warranty. So you are covered either way! Purchase this mic and make it your on the go road mic for quick recordings and demo songs!