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theaudioandvideoguy 25/06/2012

Audio-Technica ATM450: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)


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The ATM 450 has a Cardioid pattern and condensor mic that will cost you around 250 if purchased brand new. Though it is a good mic I feel like the price should be a little cheaper, more around the range of 199 or so. Just because there are some similar mics from Beyer Dynamic that cost a little less than the ATM 450 and still work great and sound very similar to the Audio Technica ATM 450. I feel its just a little over priced but there is no doubt, it is a great mic and it is worth the buy by any means.


This mic sounds really good, especially with some acoustic guitars and piano’s. Many people also use the ATM 450 by Audio Technica for some drums and hi hats. I just don’t feel like the mic performs well with drums, drums have a lot of punch with them and I don’t think this mic responds that well. Even though it does have the -10db cut off switch which is used for punchy instruments I just don’t think its as good as some other mics that I have used. I prefer to use another mic for drums and brass. But for acoustic piano , use this as your main mic and for guitars also as your main mic and you will be very happy with the out come of the sound it will capture. It will capture a very natural sound of the instruments and when playing back it will sound super natural like you are really there. Its just a little overpriced. But im sure you can purchased a used ATM 450 from eBay or find one at a local store somewhere and you wont have to worry about paying the full price of the Audio Technica ATM 450. But if you find a used one, you better grab it up.