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AudioArtist 19/09/2012

Audio-Technica AT825: Produktbewertung von AudioArtist (content in English)

"Good Stereo Mic"

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The Audio Technica 825 is a dual element electret condenser mic. It could be used live or in the home or pro studio and will deliver a good phase coherent sound everytime. I have used it both in live situations and in the studio.


The AT 825 is very cool to have around because it can save some time when you need to set up a stereo mic'ed situation. It's already a stereo mic, and the phase will always be correct! That's a huge timesaver if your actually mixing in stereo live. It also, for the same reason, comes in handy in studio settings.
One thing to remember though, Be Gentle With The Supplied Cord! The AT825 comes with a proprietary stereo xlr cable which in turn branches into two mono xlrs. I've never had to replace mine, but I'd bet you'll be kicking yourself if you damage the supplied one. I'm unsure of the price of a replacement, but hey! Why buy one if you don't have to? Take care of your cables.
The AT 825 has been around for a good while now, you can probably find a good deal on one used and they aren't terribly expensive new. Overall the value vs. price makes this a solid choice for someone in the market for a good stereo mic.
Since the AT 825 can be used with battery power and phantom power I feel I should tell you that it sounds better with phantom power, but the portability of being able to use a battery is a nice option.
Overall the AT 825 performs well in a variety of situations, I've used it on stereo amp setups, as a room mic, but mostly as an overhead for drums (especially live). It's frequency response is fairly smooth which is actually common with electret condesers. It doesn't really have the warmth of an LDC that you may want for a lead vocal track but you could probably get away with using it for a two to four person backup harmony track in a pinch, (I have).
Th AT 825, to me, sounds just like two AT 4041's in one capsule. The 4041 is also a nice mic too.
Overall, it's a good sounding stereo mic, fairly priced, and can be a timesaver. What's not to like?