Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide Heavy Wall
Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide Heavy Wall

Blues Bottle Slide Heavy Wall, Slide from Dunlop belonging to the Blues Bottle Slide model.

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moosers 28/05/2010

Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide Heavy Wall: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Dunlop 275 Blues Bottle Heavy-Wall Medium is a bottle neck style slide designed for playing with a dobro or in any other situation where you would want to play slide. However, it definitely works best for a dobro since it does have a closed top on it. While I generally like playing with a regular glass slide, I also like having a bottle neck slide like the Blues Bottle around. I like to have as many different slides around as possible, as each has it's own tone for sure. This one I don't think I've ever used on an electric guitar, but it's certainly suitable for in or a regular acoustic guitar if you wanted to. However, I'd really recommend this for playing any sort of dobro or resonator guitar. Again, you could play any sort of music with the Dunlop 275 Blues Bottle Heavy-Wall Medium slide, but it's best for playing blues, and specifically Delta blues. I haven't used too many other slides that are like this with the closed top, but I definitely trust the craftsmanship that Dunlop has to offer, as they have been doing this for years and definitely have an impressive variety of different slides to choose from. They also make a larger one of these if you're interested in that, but the medium sized one was definitely good enough for me. The price of this slide shouldn't really be a consideration when it comes to choosing one of these, as it's cheap enough across the board where you should be going with what feel comfortable rather than price. Having said this, the price clearly isn't too expensive for this slide in particular. All in all, the Dunlop 275 Blues Bottle Heavy-Wall Medium is definitely the slide I'd recommend if you're looking for a closed top bottle neck slide.