PropellerHead Reason 1
PropellerHead Reason 1

Reason 1, Sequenzer für Elektronische Musik from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

PropellerHead Reason 1: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Me again. the feature i would add, is a interactive tutorial that teaches you the functions of reason, not only basic stuff, but also like using a gate on a bassdrum and a baseline, like in the song satisfaction. there you here the bassline fading away when the bassdrum hits. you can make such an effect with a gatelimiter, but how do you use it ? you can read in the help files the function of each module, but not how the combine modules, and what the outputs will be.

interactive tutorial. maybe an agent for a Q&A ? and i would really really love to see a zoom function, now if u use it at a resolution higher then 1024x768 some of the buttons become unreadable. maybe a sizeable window with synchonised zoom ? it's maybe a good idea if you could let a window popup with a slidebar, because when you have to change an effect with a round button with a mouse, it's not always very easy because you have to move in an opposite direction, of you make a window popup with a slider, it would make it more effective an preciser, and it feels more realtime. Oh, and since very shortly, an output limiter, because i just fucked up my soundcard, because the output i can create with reason, did a window burst in a thousand pieces, thank god for my genelec studio monitor speakers with an output of more then 150 dB. any idea's for a new soundcard ?


Realtime midi would be great now the sounds are saved in a large file, the reason soundbank.... but, can each sound the will be frequently used be cached in higher random accessed memory, maybe that can inprove the synchronisation between midi and sounds ?


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