Sibelius Sibelius 7
Sibelius Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7, Score writing software from Sibelius.

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JoeW1 25/03/2013

Sibelius Sibelius 7: Produktbewertung von JoeW1 (content in English)

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This software works on MAC , Windows Xp and 7. No errors found while using it on both platforms , Xp and 7.

The manual provided by Avid consists from different creative ideas , some very important regarding how the music works.

The general configuration is fairly easy and it doesn't require a lot of time because the size of the software isn't really huge.

The typical functions are easy to access , very decent designed panels , I know an 8 years old kid that uses this program.


The software works good in its configuration , the level of stability isn't a problem.

I'm getting great performances in creating different elements and using the score to obtain different orchestral feelings to the music.

I've been using it for about 6 months now.


What I like most about this notation software is that it inspires people to create music , to learn the essentials of the music , like notation , rhythm , legato , staccato , and other interesting articulations.

I also like the fact that this software supports midi controllers so that way you get a double bonus , you play your instrument and at the same time you get a scoring page , so you could learn and have fun at the same time.

The Magnetic Layout, this is something that is extremely helpful and you also get a ReWire support with this software.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , one of the best notation softwares ever made and you can buy it for about 200 $.

This program is made by Avid which is one of the biggest companies in the music world so don't hesitate in purchasing this product.

Knowing what I know , I would get this program , no doubts , great panels , a lot of sounds , different perspectives regarding notation and scoring.