Pearl ELX 5 Shells Fusion 22
Pearl ELX 5 Shells Fusion 22"

ELX 5 Shells Fusion 22", Schlagzeug Set from Pearl.

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BGugino 23/07/2008

Pearl ELX 5 Shells Fusion 22": Produktbewertung von BGugino (content in English)


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I have been using these drums for about a year now, and I don’t have one bad thing to say about them! The price is an incredible deal for the quality of these drums. I didn’t like the stock heads that these drums came with, but I have experimented with a few different head combinations on the toms, but the Remo Pinstripes have done nothing but impressed me on these drums. For the snare, I thought the Remo Controlled Sound worked wonders. For the bass drum, the “Remo Powerstroke 3” also worked very well; Very “boomy” and powerful. Being that the wood is made out of Poplar, they’re great for gigging because of their light weight, and small fusion sizes. The one concern that I’ve had with this drum set is the hardware that it came with. The tom mounts and the suspended floor tom mount worked well, but the snare stand and cymbal stands that these drums came with we’re not the best. I upgraded those as well as the pedals. Another great feature that everyone should use when they buy these drums is the memory locks. The I.S.S mounting system works well enough, but the memory locks seal the deal. You just set your toms how you like them, throw the memory locks on, and have a consistent, clean, fast setup, every time. Compared to other drum sets that I have played, these drums are very versatile. The poplar wood that Pearl uses on these drums can pick up the high ends, low ends, and everything in between. Not to mention that the wood is not only lightweight, but very consistent and sturdy. Overall, if I were to go back in time, I would have made the same decision. For the price, you just can’t beat the quality of these drums.