PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion MX-R

MX-R, Schlagzeug Set from PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion.

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tarrtime 28/12/2012

PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion MX-R: Produktbewertung von tarrtime (content in English)

"Quality Mid-level drums"

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The PDP Pacific Mx drum set is an intermediate level kit for the experienced drummer. The maple wood is a huge improvement over entry-level drum sets. The sound quality is significantly better than anything you can buy for under $500. Granted, there are a lot better drum sets you can buy for over $1000, but are more appropriate for professional drummers. The Mx series is adequate for experienced players to be used for practice or for gigs where you wouldn't want to risk beer being spilled on $2000 drums. If you keep new heads on these drums, they can sound decent. I recommend swapping out the hardware because the official DW hardware isn't ridiculously expensive, but is much more durable than the PDP hardware. The kick pedal is particularly low quality, and probably worse than any other pedal you could replace it with for $50. The hi-hat stand is has some decent features like rotating legs. However, I would not feel comfortable touring or even gigging for fear of it breaking. I also recommend purchasing a better snare drum at some point. The snare alone can make all the difference for the sound of a drum set. If you are eyeing a more expensive drum kit, but are hesitant about spending all the money, get the Mx and a sweet snare drum. It is the way to go.
I have used these drums on many recordings over the past several years. I typically play pop/rock styles of music. These drums are perfect for these styles because they have a strong and hard attack, but also a nice tone to the sustain. I don't feel like this drums would be good for soft or delicate music like jazz. I suppose with the right drum heads, tuning, and playing style that decent results could be achieved. However, the 22' bass drum that came with my kit produces some serious punch. I would definitely recommend a smaller size kick drum if you want to play something other than rock music.