Ddrum dominion maple pocket
Ddrum dominion maple pocket

dominion maple pocket, Schlagzeug Set from Ddrum.

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Mattfig 24/06/2012

Ddrum dominion maple pocket: Produktbewertung von Mattfig (content in English)

"Pretty nice kit"

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I like the look and feel of this kit...I'm not a drummer by choice, it's simply out of necessity in the studio...The kit records quite nicely when mic'd properly...The finish is beautiful and all hardware is nice a stable..

The sound is a standard rock tone. The kick is deep but small which makes an interesting punch in the low end...I tried a lot of drums while searching and these were the best value for what I was getting...It's a nice middle of the road kit- better than the standard pearls and tamas IMHO...

Knowing what I know now, I would certainly consider purchasing this kit again although there are others in its' price range that offer similar ammenities...