Roland MV-8800
Roland MV-8800

MV-8800, Sampling Sequenzer from Roland in the MV series.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Roland MV-8800: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"very good"

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The Roland MV 8800 is an all out monster. You can do pretty much everything on it, I was in guitar center for about 3 hours just messing with it when they had it set up. It attracted me right away. Probably the only reason I didn’t purchase it is because of my MPC 5000 which is probably the only sampling sequencer that can compete with the MV 8800. The MV 8800 just provides so many things that you can do with your music. One of the main things that is crazy to me first is that you can hook up and monitor to it which is KEY. Because you don’t want to make a whole project on the built in back lit screen. Also, you can plug in a mouse for the internal software that it uses. Not to mention the ability to use software synths or vst’s right in the MV 8800. This might be the first of its kind, im surprised the mpc hasn’t implemented most of this stuff yet.


I cant say its really easy to understand all of the functions of it, it will take some time jus to get familiar with everything but Roland has made the MV 8800 about as simple as it possible could. So when using the MV 8800 for the first week or maybe more depending on your ability to learn fast you will need the manual. You will need to keep the manual close by too because has you keep moving forwared with your project you will hit a few bumpbs in the road that will keep you from moving forwared so you will need to look these things up fast.


The sounds are realistic and the pads are great, not as good as a feel on the MPC line though but very close. Its as close as you will get to an MPC but you really cant compare it to the Akai MPC because this just does a lot more. So it will really come down to what you need out of a sampler?


Overall, I love it. Its pretty expensive though but its worth every penny. Plus I think they have a new model out for it or are working on one that is suppose to blow this one out of the water. It could be my next big purchase.