MidiTemp Multistation MSX
MidiTemp Multistation MSX

Multistation MSX, Sampling Sequenzer from MidiTemp.

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FP User 01/11/2008

MidiTemp Multistation MSX: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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INCREDIBLY SUPERB FEATURES: - A rack mounted 1U main unit with touch screen remote control (easy to use); optional 2nd remote control port on the front of the main unit - The operating system is on flash-eprom easily updated via the internet from time to time. - Midi file player (full blown midi sequencer); Routing to 8 midi outs (to external sound modules) or to the 2 internal sound-font based sample players; 8 tracks of audio (aiff, wav, mp3, etc.) play simultaneous with midi file or as stand alone "audio only" songs; "DJ style" double player lets you cross-fade between 2 different songs (manual or auto-fade); "Live-mode" lets you program cue points for measure position jumping and looping, GM transposing, etc.; the files patch list let's you have access to thousands of songs ready to play - Lyrics can be displayed on the remote control screen or through the video out on a video monitor (tv screen, pc flat screen, projectors, etc.) with "karaoke style" scrolling; syncronise JPEG pictures (for multimedia shows) - Samples trigger (jingle pad "audio or JPEG" player) - Midi file recorder / audio recorder (record midi and audio to HD) - Data storage on the internal hard drive (a whopping 40 or 120 GB), CD-ROM, Smartmedia, Floppy, SCSI (all laptop based components) - Incredibly powerful fully programable midi controller (Midi Matrix) - the 2 internal sample-players play your SoundFonts (16 X 2 midi channels) - Internal digital mixer with digital effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.) - 8 midi ins; 8 midi outs; 4 audio outs; 2 audio ins; headphone out; footswitch in (for hands-free control) - USB port for files exchange with a PC (explorer ready)

Price paid: $1.900 USD


Very usable in live performance situations. Fairly easy operating method. Once you understand the way the system is organised operation becomes much clearer. This machine has tons of "hidden" features that are not so clearly explained in the manual. But there is good technical and user support via email and a user's forum offers help as well.

Very well built! The main rack mount unit as well as the remote control are very sturdy. Most of it's components are taken from laptops. Since the unit runs from the operating system which lies internally on a flash-eprom, I've never had it crash on me (like my laptop did many times). For data storage the internal hard drive is laptop based so it can be easily upgraded. And then there's the smartmedia drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy, etc.


After two decades working with various music production machines (Roland MC, Akai MPC, Laptops, etc.) in live-performance situations on the road, I can honestly say that this european-built unit is the best I've put my hands on so far. The sound quality of this little known machine is simply great (24 bit audio / 32 bit multi DSP processing).


After working with this machine in my live shows for over a year now, I've sincerely grown to love it for what it does for me. As I mentioned above, I've worked with all kinds of sequencers on the road over the past couple of decades, and by far this is the best there is out there. I carry the main unit in a small 4U rack together with a sampler and 2 sound modules. My midi cables are permanently connected. At gigs I simply connect the audio cables, plug my midi keyboard controller to the midi input on the front of the unit, place the remote control in front of me on the keyboard controller, and I'm good to go!

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Hildward ( 1-, 2006)