Akai MPC500
Akai MPC500

MPC500, Sampling Sequenzer from Akai in the MPC series.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Akai MPC500: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"compact but lacking great features"

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The MPC 500 to me just wasn’t worth the purchase. Not saying its not a good machine, because it is. But to be honest it is no where near the experience you will get when using one of the other models (1000,2000, 2000xl, 4000 or 5000) . With the MPC 500 it just seems as if they took the very basic features and put them into the little machine and left out so many of the other capabilities that the other models provide that make them great. If you are going to ge the MPC 500 you mine as well save up your money for a 1000 or just say for the MPC all together and get a SP 400 or something because it has a lot more effects.


The MPC 500 is very easy to understand, you will have no problems understanding it. No manual is needed though it does come with one that’s not very big so if you did need to open it up you could probably find exactly what you are looking for very fast.


The MPC 500 just lacks so many qualities that the other models have. One of the main problems with it is you cant really chop your samples right on the machine itself. When I think of the MPC 500 I think of more of a controller pad like the mdp. Which you mine as well get also, because without a computer the MPC 500 is pretty much useless , well it was for me.


Overall, I don’t see anyone wanting to downgrade from another model to this one. So if you are a new MPC user don’t get this, just save up the few extra dollars and get a used 1000 if you have too. The only thing that I really do like about the MPC 500 is that its very compact and you can take it anywhere and I think it runs off of batteries too, but im not 100 percent sure because I didn’t keep it long enough to fin out.