Akai MPC2000XL MCD version
Akai MPC2000XL MCD version

MPC2000XL MCD version, Sampling Sequenzer from Akai in the MPC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Akai MPC2000XL MCD version: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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+/-I just recently bought this 2 days ago so as far as features are concerned i dont think i know enough about the machine to comment, with that being said the hours that ive been into it so far i dont want or need for anything when it comes to this box. Final-It has what i need and doesnt have what i dont...thats good enough for me

Price paid: $800


+Once you get to know the interface your movements and and work flow are seamless. Flawless. Productive and swift. Once you have it down, this box is a beast. i mean its the beast that eats other beasts. -Unfortunately learning this machine is a bitch. Espectially if you've been using computer as long as i have. There are menus buried in other menus so much that its easy to reconsider and regret buying the MPC, almost even wondering if theres something wrong with you. Final-Stick to it, its hard to learn, but once you do, you can learn to be make hard ass beats with this thing. But the learning curve isnt for the faint at heart.


+ This is one of the reason i bought this machine. The sound clarity is unrivaled. I had been using Reason 3.0 and there was so much i had to do just to get the default sound of the MPC 2XL, with the right sounds you have the ability to really make some magic. - The mix that you hear is a little decieving, and i say that because it seems that certain levels are louder than others but that could be just the setup that i have going on. Final-Great piece of gear, couldnt believe that i sold my first one.


+Its a solid box. doesnt seem like it would have anything go wrong with it, since it doesnt really have many moving parts, so that a good thing when it comes to the chance of something breaking. -It did freeze up on me, once in the 2 days ive used it, but in its defense i thing it was doing something because i had just saved a project and i think i just got a lil impatient because the same thing happened, i let it do its job and it continued perfectly. Final-Your gonna have it for a long time. unless your a straight weenie and you piss on it or something and even then you probably could get it to do its job. this is the terminator, it would take a tactical nuclear explosion to destroy it.

+ After so many years on a computer, and sticking with digital i went analog. And after 2 days im wondering why i waited so long. And what makes it so bad is when i came back from Iraq i bought one and then sold it because i didnt understand it. That was stupid as hell but now its like the light switch went off and i finally got it. - Its gonna be hard to give it a chance if your a software or keyboard enthusiast. So it takes a little out of you. Final - I love this machine...there is no gray area, i would take and or give a bullet for this thing...if it was stolen or lost or broken, i would take Both my Smith & Wesson .40's and go on a shooting spree...and then go buy a new one. Greydon Square Grand Unified Theory

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Posted by: greydonsquare ( 3-, 2006)