Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride 20
Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride 20"

Avedis Ping Ride 20", Ride from Zildjian in the Avedis series.

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BGugino 30/07/2008

Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride 20": Produktbewertung von BGugino (content in English)


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After house-sitting for one of my drum teachers, instead of getting paid, he gave me his 20” Zildjian Ping Ride. I have been playing it for about 1 or 2 months now and don’t plan on getting any other ride cymbal any time soon. This cymbal produces all of the sounds that I would want out of a ride cymbal, except one in particular. Read the rest of my review and you’ll find out!

I asked for this cymbal for the fact that it was time for me to upgrade. I was using an old vintage Zildjian ride and wasn’t too happy with the sound I was getting out of it; it had very thin sound to it. Once I got the ride cymbal on there to replace it, it made my whole kit complete. It’s a very heavy cymbal so you are able to produce some loud sounds out of it, but nothing overpowering. This cymbal seems very versatile as well. Seems like you would use this to cut through rock music, as well as give a nice sound for modern Jazz. The bell of the ride is the thing that I was most impressed with; Very loud, quick and cutting. That’s what I look for in a bell!

There’s one feature that I didn’t like too much about this cymbal and that’s the fact that you can’t really ride a “crash” on it. I guess that’s really not the purpose of it, but it’s still good to have in a ride cymbal. I suggest if you want this sound to just get a big crash, maybe an 18” or even a 19”.

Overall, if you want a nice “ping” sound out of your ride for any genre of music that you’re playing, I would suggest this cymbal. It’s very versatile and you’re gonna love it.