Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 20''
Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 20''

K Custom Dark Ride 20'', Ride from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

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FateFelledVictim 04/11/2008

Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 20'': Produktbewertung von FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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I have been using the Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride for about 5 months now, and it has been and shall always be my main ride cymbal. It has a dark melodic wash with a piercing bell. The overtones of the 20” are less suffocating as the 22”. The 20” is the perfect blend of melodic overtones and dark ping. This ride is not what you are looking for if you want a pingy ride. This ride sounds sophisticated with a unique blend of overtones no other cymbal manufacturer can make. It is truly beautiful, with the hammering and the traditional finish. It adds an archaic look to the set., plus it has the K on it.

The dark ride by Zildjian has been my dream ride forever, and then I finally saved up enough money to buy it, and I have absolutely no regrets. This ride is superior to its Paiste and Sabian counterparts, as this has a smooth action and an overall dark tone, where as the other have too much ping or overtone. My favorite part about this ride is the bow to bell sound transition. It has distinctive sound and overtone qualities in the each part of the bow and bell. I use this ride in both a female fronted metal band and a Jazz band,and both love the tone and response of this ride.

This ride is a little bit pricey, but is worth every single penny out of the pocket. I would do some research and make sure the ride is good for you, as that is one of the key components of a drum set. I love this ride, but it is not for everyone. If I had the choice, I would definitely go back and buy this, and I would probably have not wasted so much money while saving up so I could get it that much sooner.