Zildjian A Ping Ride 20''
Zildjian A Ping Ride 20''

A Ping Ride 20'', Ride from Zildjian.

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moosers 20/04/2009

Zildjian A Ping Ride 20'': Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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I've been using the Zildjian A Ping Ride Cymbal for recording for about four years. This cymbal is made from brass and is extremely well built and sturdy. This is definitely a cymbal that will last a long time for a user who treats it properly. While I am not a drummer myself, I have recorded with a drummer who uses this cymbal in his set up and I have a pretty good idea about how good cymbals sound from recording so many different types of cymbals. I usually record this cymbal with a Neumann KM 184 or a Rode NT 5 depending on what studio situation I am in, and I am always pleased with the ride cymbal sound that I get with this cymbal. The sound of the Zildjian A Ping Ride Cymbal can be described as light with a nice sparkle to it that will cut through a mix pretty well without being overwhelming. It is a nice size and is absolutely a suitable ride cymbal for all types of applications. Zildjian is known for being a leader when it comes to making cymbals, and the Zildjian A Ping Ride Cymbal is one of my favorite cymbals that they make. The reasonable price makes it a good deal for drummers of levels, even though it is probably more aimed at players with a bit of experience looking for a good sounding ride cymbal at a good price. Zildjian has the reputation for making some of the best cymbals in the world and are loved by drummers all across the board. In my experience with the Zildjian A Ping Ride Cymbal, I have been extremely pleased, and while there are certainly some more expensive ride cymbals out there that sound better than this one, the price and sound combined makes the Zildjian A Ping Ride Cymbal a great choice.