Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride 20
Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride 20"

HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride 20", Ride from Sabian in the HHX series.

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mooseherman 20/09/2010

Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride 20": Produktbewertung von mooseherman (content in English)

"Unique, flavorful ride cymbal"

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For some reason I had the idea that Sabian cymbals were not up to par with their Zildjian counterparts, however hearing this cymbal made me change my mind. I later learned that the Manhattan series is a great line of cymbals, and are kind of in a league of their own given their particular sound. Sure there are other brands who sound similar but the flavor that these cymbals have is their own.
Anyways, this cymbal is about 22" and has a weight of about 2400g. The sound of this ride is really great, it has a lot of character and depth. The tone overall is high-pitched for a ride, but that is what makes this interesting. The bell is crystal clear and it crashes pretty hard. When crashing it, it sounds pretty ringy, which makes it not my personal favorite cymbal in that respect. However, when laying into it it's really smooth and awesome. Someone I know described it as a "smoky" sounding cymbal, which makes sense to me, and I absolutely agree with. I think that it really has to be played to be heard, as I've listened to demos of it that don't really do it justice at all. Only a high-quality microphone(s) would really give you the full audio picture of this cymbal, and even then you'd be hard pressed to find a good one.
These cymbals tend to run between $200 and $300 new. I haven't bought one used, but I probably should have, considering that it would save me a little bit of cash. However, it might be testament to the superb quality of these cymbals that there aren't a whole lot of used ones going around out there. Maybe everyone who buys them hangs on to them, which I could totally understand, as I don't think I'd like to part with mine anytime soon.