Soundcraft GigRac 600
Soundcraft GigRac 600

GigRac 600, Powermixer from Soundcraft in the Gigrac series.

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AudioArtist 28/11/2012

Soundcraft GigRac 600: Produktbewertung von AudioArtist (content in English)

"A good little small gig head!"

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The thing to like most about this portable PA head is it's portability, weight, and definitely it's sound quality. The pre-amps are very clean and punchy, the eq's are fixed at intuitive frequencies, and this guy just looks cool! For some reason I just can't help but imagine some sort of vintage submarine sonar gear when I look at this guy! It's drawbacks are few but here they are:
1-the fan is loud! It's not going to be heard over the music but it's pretty loud.
2-it has a delayed power on function, so if you've already got mics hooked up make sure you either mute or turn the mains or the channels down before you turn it on!
It comes in it's own little integrated rack case which is cool and the channels are quite clean even with extreme gain and the individual as well as the graphic eq's are engineered and balanced well. It's not hard to get a good sound from this guy!
The price is only ever so slightly higher than the competition and you get cleaner pre-amps and great looks in return. Soundcraft is a very reputable company and this unit lives up to their reputation.
As I've said the pre-amps are nice and clean and the eq's are well engineered. Also the actual power amp section is very clean as well! There is very little unwanted noise or hum from this unit and it's adequately powerfull to run even a pair of 1x15, 1x12 + horn tweeter rig!
I've used many different portable PA heads and I've liked a good many of them but the Soundcraft has that extra little bit of cleanliness and quality that sets it apart from the crowd. It's a solid investment for the gigging musician or band!